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UA Technology

Design, development, mass production and service of unmanned aircraft systems. The unique domestic technologies, products and solutions.

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Unique domestic reseaches

School of foreign pilots

Best price / Performance characteristics

Models tested in combat

About company

The company “UA Technology” started its activities in 2015 with the design, development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles of various classes. Among other manufacturers of the model of the company “UA TECHNOLOGY” distinguishes the possibility of work in extremely complex meteorological conditions (frost, snow, rain, strong wind), protected digital communication and video transmission channels, gyro-stabilization and the presence of an ultra-precise automatic guidance system of self-developed receiving and transmitting antennas . Now the company is an official supplier of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and cooperates with other law enforcement agencies. In 2017, the company obtained the ISO9001: 2015 quality certificate for the manufacture of air and space aircraft SIC.MS.040.ISO9001.135 from 02.03.2017.

In 2017, the company’s production facilities were replenished with a fleet of high-quality machines of world-class numerical control:

  • Plasma Cutting System MAXPRO200, HYPERTHERM, USA
  • Milling center HAAS VF-3-NGC + HRT210, USA;
  • HAAS ST-20Y turning center, USA;

The company offers manufacturing of parts from any materials on the specified equipment with a full cycle of engineering and production services: design of 3D models of parts, digital formulation of existing paper drawings, programming of manufacturing parts for CNC machine, high-quality production and quality control.

Personnel of the Design Bureau of  UA Technology is made up of professional engineers with many years of experience in this field.



The list of services of the design bureau includes:

  • Development of 3D models in modern digital formats
  • Development of design documentation kits for the ESKD product
  • Design drawing on a photo, sketch, or existing product
  • Development of drawings on three-dimensional models

Advantages of our models

Patented amortization systems
The maximum automation of all processes
Ultra-precise antenna pointing systems
Secure digital channels
Working in extremely difficult weather conditions
Gyroscopic stabilization

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