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Military  positively estimated the new Ukrainian drone in the class mini –  UA-beta. The new device is developed by UA Technology in cooperation with the National Aviation University of Ukraine.

From other domestic counterparts this model, first of all, vary by micro size and weight (drone with a full set of payload weighs only 4.5 kg), digital protected channels and the ability to operate under extremely difficult weather conditions (cold, snow, rain, strong wind, etc.).


At a military polygon in Chernihiv region, these qualities were tested by the State Scientific-Testing center of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The tests took place  when the temperature was  -17, was snowing and wind gusted up to 12 m / s. According to military experts, the UAVs testing before has never been held in such weather conditions. All stated specifications of UA-Beta unmanned aircraft complex had been confirmed.

The aircraft successfully performed the automatic start and went on a route. Cruising altitude was 1500 m and the maximum distance – 20 000 m. Characteristics of the aircraft allow to lift the altitude minimum up to 2,500 m.

The camera of the drone fixed models of armored vehicles and the position of rifle divisions. During the flight the camera was operated remotely and allowed to inspect an area at the request of the operator.


By a command from a land the drone was rejected from the set route for the inspection of “suspicious” parcels. Note that unlike other UAVs the UA-beta stands straight the specified flight path under any foreshortening  to the wind because of the unique drone construction.


During the tests the aircraft completed flights in the radio silence mode, i.e. without communication with the ground control station, recorded video on-board storage, performed video on-line. During the tests the failure of onboard systems and devices was simulated, amortization parachute and pillow systems, designed by the company, were checked. Equipment of the UAV with such systems  reduces the possibility of damage to aircraft during landing, and so reduces the costs of ongoing maintenance and repair, prolongs the life cycle of drone operation for  several times.

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